Dictionary.com Just Trolled The Trump Family With Their Word Of The Year

- November 27, 2017

Dictionary.com has announced its word of the year for 2017, and the Trumps aren’t going to be pleased.

The AP reports that this year the popular website will be shining a light on the word “complicit,” a term that has been bandied around frequently during conversations about the degree of culpability shared by those involved in the Trump administration. AP states that internet searches for the word shot up 300% in 2017.

The Dictionary.com Twitter account even made a joke about their choice:

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, has been accused of complicity in her father’s disastrous regime, as the so-called women’s rights activist has turned a reliably blind eye to her father’s blatant misogyny, including his recorded admission that he likes to sexually assault women.

Ivanka has also been equally ineffective at curtailing her father’s dangerous anti-science and anti-environment policies, even though she was originally touted as a moderating force in the Trump White House. Instead, she’s chosen to simply bask in the international prominence her father’s ascendance has afforded her, giving a friendly face to the most incompetent, willfully ignorant presidency in American history.

So closely are Ivanka Trump and the word “complicit” tied that Saturday Night Live previously ran a fake ad for an Ivanka Trump perfume called Complicit.

Not long after, Ivanka gave an interview with Gayle King of CBS in which she addressed the word “complicit” with a characteristically inane, cowardly, and distracting answer.

Ivanka may not know what “complicit” means, but thanks to Dictionary.com, a lot more people do now. She shares the blame for her father’s attacks on democracy and the free press and if she chooses to stick by his side history will judge her accordingly.

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